Going to FOSS.in 2008, Bangalore

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Attending last two days. Starting today 27th evening from Hyderabad. I will be attending last two days, particularly interested in Linux Kernel Hackers Meet, and want to interact with my friends at Bangalore.


New Job and New City

•August 8, 2008 • 2 Comments

Writing this entry after long time…many things happened in past 3months. Let’s start…

16th May – Black Friday – Lunch Time – Location: Very good hotel near Koramangala – Waiting for starters…


We went for lunch outside our company Ingenient Technologies, Bangalore on this day. We were waiting for my PM to arrive and join us for the lunch. Once he appeared at the hotel, he gave one of the most heart breaking news in my professional life that our development center is closing down for some __good__ reasons. I was speechless and nothing was on my sight. We had one month as notice period and ultimately the good amount of the time to search new job. I know for the many of the IT guys in US, this may not be the new things, but in my professional life, it was happening for the first time, and I was not ready to digest this.

So, it was the time to start hunting new job, preparing/updating existing resume and uploading them to various job sites. And at the end of this notice period, after gruelling rounds of technical rounds in Interview, I found myself with plenty of good offers.

Out of all those offers, I have selected one from Qualcomm, Hyderabad. And I am here in Hyderabad from 1 .5 months. It is all exciting with excellent team around and new city and new people around.

I will post photos of Hyderabad soon, including famous “Char Minar”, “7 Tombs”.

Nokia N810 Arrived. Thanks Nokia.

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Thank you Nokia maemo team !!!. Now I have two maemo based devices. I was also selected for N800. I will post pictures of n800 and n810 soon, along with my experiments.

I have upgraded N810 with Diablo release and also Android sits in Extras menu beautifully. There are also quite a big changes on professional front, which might need separate entry.

US Of A – Business Visa

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This is bit late entry of sort. I have recently got United States of America – Business Visa for 10yrs, Multiple Entry. Getting the business visa for US of A is easier, if your employer has office in USA. And applying for this visa is even simpler as VFS got the website, which helps you fill up the forms online, even modify as many times you want once you have finalized the date of the interview with USA Embassy, Chennai.

Myself and my colleague from Ingenient went to Chennai through Jet Airways for Visa interview in the 2nd of this March from Bangalore. As our timings for interview were given at 8:30 AM, we decided not take risk of missing/delayed flight in the morning same day and to land up at Chennai one day early.

So, we boarded the evening flight, the day before the interview, and reserved the rooms for “New Woodlands Hotel”, which is just 2kms away from the US Embassy. This hotel is a kind of budget hotel, but we have preffered it as we were just going to stay there one night and we didn’t wanted to spend much time travelling in the morning to US Embassy (Did I say that we didn’t wanted to pay Chennai Rickshawala single penny ? 🙂 ).

Chennai weather was as usual very hot and thanks god that it rained in that night, and it become bit cooler in the moring, but we still sweated lot while walking in the morning towards the US Embassy.

8:10 AM – Chennai – US Embassy:

– Security Check: Security check was as usual very tight, and they checked our interview letter with the passport and made us to stand in the queue outside before allowing us to enter first stage of screening of our forms.

– Forms screening: It is good to see that US Embassy has first phase of forms screening people, who can arrange them in order and correct out any missing fields before hand, and ofcourse taking your fingerprints.

– Real Interview line: Once our forms were screened we went to the another building, were there was already big queue waiting for us to join them, and we happily did that. After few minutes we have noticed that there was not proper AC or ventilation inside and my legs were starting to shake as we stayed in the queue for straight 55 minutes before our turn, I know George Bush was laughing at me :).

– Questions time: Well, I have been asked very simple question: Why you are going to US? Hmm….I have answered that as written in the invitation letter, like student reading his essay in front his teacher…very boring. And to the next moment the guy at US Embassy told me that I will be receiving the visa next week, and pointed me to that green finger print scanner again.

And this how I got that United States of America stamp on my passport.

Chumy unpacking photos

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And here comes the chumby unpacking photos:

Photo1 on bean bag with nice pillow.

Photo2 with chumby bag unpacked, showing booklet, chumby charms, real chumby, power cable.

Photo3 with chumby closeup.

My experience with chumby with small review will be posted soon. So, far I like this device and working well with my home wi-fi network, along with other gadgets like my n800, olpc laptop and my lenovo r61 laptop.

Chumby one night away!!!

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My chumby is already landed in Bangalore, and it is with Ramesh. I am going to pick up this toy tomorrow. Following tasks are planned for Chumby.

1. Download chumby (ARM9) toolchain and minimum root filesystem from chumby site.
2. Import this toolchain under sbox – 1.0.8 version. Release this toolchain to chumby forum.
3. Start creating chumby rootstrap from scratch. I already have GNOME(GTK+, Xserver, Tslib, dbus, dbus-glib, PHP, lighttpd) cross-compiled for ARM9. I don’t think that I have to cross-compile it again for this i.MX21 processor, unless I find some significant changes for chumby supplied toolchain.
4. Boot this minimal rootstrap for chumby. It should showcase gtk-demo application. That’s it.
5. Start working on maemo-chumby rootstrap parallely once you understand the chumby build environment. Boot minimal maemo roostrap on chumby and demo it.

Long term plan is to build open-embedded environment for chumby too, as I feel that chumby industries has not opted for sbox/openembedded like build environment to make developers life easy, they are using same old approach of host compilation. Let’s see how it proceeds.

Just waiting for my chumby !!!

D-BUS PHP Bindings

•February 24, 2008 • 3 Comments

One of the project I am working on right now involves the GNOME based architecture, including lots of usage of scratchbox Aphophis R4, having GTK+ running under kdrive and D-BUS as unified IPC mechanism. As this project also involves the web-interface I had decided to go for lighttpd based web-server backed with PHP as server side scripting language. So, now what is the problem?

As for GTK+, it internally uses Glib + GObject combination so it is not tough to decide to go for dbus-glib bindings for writing dbus services. So, far so good, but for clients which doesn’t having native language dbus bindings? Yes, we wanted to call one of this dbus-glib written service using PHP, and as of now there is no stable d-bus PHP binding available, so we can’t write d-bus based client directly into the PHP, until we use “exec” and call C binary which internally uses the dbus-glib. But this is not scalable solution, as I wanted to write signals based mechanism with PHP, and we might end up writing the so many small applications, which duplicates the lots of work, as these functionalities also need to be shared from GTK+ OSD application.

As thee is no stable PHP d-bus bindings, we have written small C library, which wraps these dbus-glib based client into nice API clean interface, which doesn’t expose any d-bus structures, but again here the limitation is that How can we expose the async callback methods which needs to be registered from the PHP.

More on this will come later…stay tuned !!!