I am arrived

Finally I am arrived to wordpress (Most Likely to Succeed). Before this I was part of blogpost, which I had to leave due to several reasons and identity crisis.

What’s new?

I have joined Ingenient Technologies , Bangalore development center, further working on the GNU/Linux, basically on TI processors. So far work is going well and quite busy and unable to do any Board support package related activity for OMAP Linux group and submitting patches for OMAP, as again I am without OMAP boards. Anyways, as I am selected for Nokia N800 developer program, so I will be getting this device soon along with Chumby which I had ordered long time back, and my friend Ramesh at TI, Dallas will be bringing it to India in this Feb.

Finally I have got a BSNL Broadband connection @ home, I am quite impressed with BSNL Internet connectivity so far as I have received this connection in straight 15 days as promised by customer care center, without paying any upfront payment to them.

Confident Cascade: We went to this resort as Team Outing (actually family outing :)) from Ingenient. You can check some photos here. I don’t recommened this resort as there is nothing special in this resort until you manage yourself to keep yourself engaging in some activity invented by yourself.


~ by triloksoni on January 19, 2008.

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