Chumby one night away!!!

My chumby is already landed in Bangalore, and it is with Ramesh. I am going to pick up this toy tomorrow. Following tasks are planned for Chumby.

1. Download chumby (ARM9) toolchain and minimum root filesystem from chumby site.
2. Import this toolchain under sbox – 1.0.8 version. Release this toolchain to chumby forum.
3. Start creating chumby rootstrap from scratch. I already have GNOME(GTK+, Xserver, Tslib, dbus, dbus-glib, PHP, lighttpd) cross-compiled for ARM9. I don’t think that I have to cross-compile it again for this i.MX21 processor, unless I find some significant changes for chumby supplied toolchain.
4. Boot this minimal rootstrap for chumby. It should showcase gtk-demo application. That’s it.
5. Start working on maemo-chumby rootstrap parallely once you understand the chumby build environment. Boot minimal maemo roostrap on chumby and demo it.

Long term plan is to build open-embedded environment for chumby too, as I feel that chumby industries has not opted for sbox/openembedded like build environment to make developers life easy, they are using same old approach of host compilation. Let’s see how it proceeds.

Just waiting for my chumby !!!


~ by triloksoni on February 25, 2008.

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