US Of A – Business Visa

This is bit late entry of sort. I have recently got United States of America – Business Visa for 10yrs, Multiple Entry. Getting the business visa for US of A is easier, if your employer has office in USA. And applying for this visa is even simpler as VFS got the website, which helps you fill up the forms online, even modify as many times you want once you have finalized the date of the interview with USA Embassy, Chennai.

Myself and my colleague from Ingenient went to Chennai through Jet Airways for Visa interview in the 2nd of this March from Bangalore. As our timings for interview were given at 8:30 AM, we decided not take risk of missing/delayed flight in the morning same day and to land up at Chennai one day early.

So, we boarded the evening flight, the day before the interview, and reserved the rooms for “New Woodlands Hotel”, which is just 2kms away from the US Embassy. This hotel is a kind of budget hotel, but we have preffered it as we were just going to stay there one night and we didn’t wanted to spend much time travelling in the morning to US Embassy (Did I say that we didn’t wanted to pay Chennai Rickshawala single penny ? 🙂 ).

Chennai weather was as usual very hot and thanks god that it rained in that night, and it become bit cooler in the moring, but we still sweated lot while walking in the morning towards the US Embassy.

8:10 AM – Chennai – US Embassy:

– Security Check: Security check was as usual very tight, and they checked our interview letter with the passport and made us to stand in the queue outside before allowing us to enter first stage of screening of our forms.

– Forms screening: It is good to see that US Embassy has first phase of forms screening people, who can arrange them in order and correct out any missing fields before hand, and ofcourse taking your fingerprints.

– Real Interview line: Once our forms were screened we went to the another building, were there was already big queue waiting for us to join them, and we happily did that. After few minutes we have noticed that there was not proper AC or ventilation inside and my legs were starting to shake as we stayed in the queue for straight 55 minutes before our turn, I know George Bush was laughing at me :).

– Questions time: Well, I have been asked very simple question: Why you are going to US? Hmm….I have answered that as written in the invitation letter, like student reading his essay in front his teacher…very boring. And to the next moment the guy at US Embassy told me that I will be receiving the visa next week, and pointed me to that green finger print scanner again.

And this how I got that United States of America stamp on my passport.


~ by triloksoni on March 23, 2008.

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