New Job and New City

Writing this entry after long time…many things happened in past 3months. Let’s start…

16th May – Black Friday – Lunch Time – Location: Very good hotel near Koramangala – Waiting for starters…


We went for lunch outside our company Ingenient Technologies, Bangalore on this day. We were waiting for my PM to arrive and join us for the lunch. Once he appeared at the hotel, he gave one of the most heart breaking news in my professional life that our development center is closing down for some __good__ reasons. I was speechless and nothing was on my sight. We had one month as notice period and ultimately the good amount of the time to search new job. I know for the many of the IT guys in US, this may not be the new things, but in my professional life, it was happening for the first time, and I was not ready to digest this.

So, it was the time to start hunting new job, preparing/updating existing resume and uploading them to various job sites. And at the end of this notice period, after gruelling rounds of technical rounds in Interview, I found myself with plenty of good offers.

Out of all those offers, I have selected one from Qualcomm, Hyderabad. And I am here in Hyderabad from 1 .5 months. It is all exciting with excellent team around and new city and new people around.

I will post photos of Hyderabad soon, including famous “Char Minar”, “7 Tombs”.


~ by triloksoni on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “New Job and New City”

  1. Hello Trilok,

    This is Mark Gray from Ingenient. That was the sadest point of my 24-year career. I have never experienced anything like that and never want to again. I am glad to hear that your flowers are growing strong and bright from the waste. It’s often the case.



  2. Hey Trilok..

    Chanced upon your blog couple of days back when i was digging for people associated with OMAP platform in india.

    Would like to talk to you for some kind of collaboration..if that suits you..

    I am interested in the domain of Ubiq. computing, Embedded platforms etc.

    Let me know.


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